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records to HMRC for R&D tax
Making Sure you have the Right Documents for your R&D Tax Claim Claiming R&D tax relief requires adequate record keeping. A question we often get is ‘What records may HMRC request for R&D tax relief claims?’ Should HMRC enquire into your R&D claim you will be... Read More →
R&D Tax relief for overseas work
Conducting R&D Activities Abroad Companies that practise R&D work will know that they’re able to take advantage of some pretty generous tax reliefs within the UK. Often amounts up to £26 (and sometimes as high as £33) worth of additional tax relief is available for... Read More →
Making tax Digital
Making Tax Digital and Its Effects on Businesses Making tax digital is hitting many headlines over recent months, especially after Mr Hammond’s announcements of adjustments in the March 2017 budget. The government announced its vision to modernize the tax system in the March 2015... Read More →
Cyber Security and R&D Tax Credits
NHS Cyber Security Recent news highlighted the weaknesses many organizations share across the globe. As computer malware cripples the NHS, stops car production lines and strikes more than 100 countries, the risks to global IT systems and open communications were never more... Read More →
Cyber Security and R&D Tax Credits
Is your Small Business aware of R&D Tax Credits R&D (Research & Development) Tax credits are a great way to reward UK businesses for innovation, but not enough small businesses are aware of them, missing out on the £millions unclaimed. How R&D Tax Credits work for... Read More →
Understanding R&D Tax
The main facts about R&D Tax Credits R&D (Research & Development) Tax Relief can seem like a complex area when first considered, leaving thousands of companies not claiming what they’re owed.  Here at R&D Tax Solutions we’ve broken down some of the main facts... Read More →
R&D Tax Relief after brexit
Will R&D Tax Credits Last? Over recent months following the UK’s planned departure from the EU the most reoccurring question is ’how long do you think R&D will last?’ During the Budget on 8 March 2017, Mr Hammond confirmed. The government’s commitment to R&D Tax... Read More →
R&D tax incentives
New Tax Incentives In 2000, the Government brought in a new tax incentive scheme for businesses called the Research and Development (R&D) Tax Claims scheme. Designed to help the UK compete in the world of Science and Technology, the scheme aims to reward businesses for... Read More →
Reduce Your Corporation Tax Bill
R&D Tax Relief Tax incentives are great for businesses, especially if you’re a small business and cash flow is key. Many businesses often overlook potential opportunities to claim back on tax because they don’t think they’ll qualify or the claims process is complex. However,... Read More →