Regardless of if you are claiming under the SME or RDEC regime, the key requirement to be able to claim R&D tax credits is the ability to demonstrate that your R&D work is looking to advance knowledge by resolving technological or scientific uncertainties.  Such uncertainties or advancements must be such that a competent professional in the field can’t readily produce a solution. In addition, the advancements made must be of a nature that may benefit the industry as a whole, not simply your business.

Of course, meeting the eligibility criteria is just one step towards making a claim, with the need to identify qualifying costs (such as staff salaries, pension contributions, raw material costs, etc.) all integral to the value of the claim.

As specialists in this field, R&D Tax Solutions will guide you through the claims process form start to finish and maximise your chances of success.

Qualifying projects

R&D tax relief does not mean tax breaks for the large pharmaceutical companies only.  It can equally apply to any company in any sector, so long as a few key conditions are met.

  • There must be a project
  • The project must be looking to advance, either in scientific or technological areas
  • The solution must not be readily deducible by a competent professional.

Examples can include:

  • Integration of the latest technical advancement e.g. into a larger processing plant.
  • Technical adaption of materials. E.g. adaptation of standard technology for use in subsea and arctic conditions.
  • The design and fabrication of technically improved products.
  • Modification to existing processes or systems to improve efficiency, capacity and performance.
  • Development of systems and processes.
  • Architectural investigations to enable improvements in systems.
  • Packaging solutions, e.g. to ehance shelflife of the contents.
  • Developments in Food Techolgy and Processing, e.g.
    • research into piloting of development samples
    • scaling up of newly developed alternatives
    • less preservatives, lower salt content, gluten free ingredients.

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