Our process makes making a claim for R&D tax credits simple.  There are 7 key steps to all our claims, tailored to each clients requirements.

1. Company Introduction and Fact Finding

At initial contact we will establish the company’s eligibility to claim R&D tax relief. During this short telephone conversation we will obtain background information about the company and outline how our R&D process works.

If we don’t consider the company to have an R&D tax relief claim at this stage we will not waste your time on trying to quantify a claim susceptible to HMRC enquiry.

2. Initial Contact with your Claims Consultant

You will be assigned a claims consultant who will contact you to arrange a call or face to face meeting.  This enables us to understand your business order that will assist in maximizing the potential R&D tax relief claim.  During the call / meeting, we will:

  • Outline the qualifying criteria involved in claiming for R&D tax relief
  • Detail the process and estimated timeline from meeting to completion
  • Discuss the projects that are potentially eligible for R&D tax relief
  • Discuss the quantum of the claim and how this could potentially benefit the company
  • Answer any queries that you may have in relation to R&D tax relief and the process for claiming

3. Preparation of Draft Report

We will draft the R&D report based on the discussions and information supplied on the back of our call / meeting.

At this point you can raise any additional queries for your input at this stage.

4. Finalisation

We will send out the final R&D report for your review and confirmation that the information contained is a representation of the company’s R&D activities during the claim period.

The finalisation stage includes a call or meeting to discuss the costs and establish the current financial position of the company to determine the most beneficial treatment of the R&D expenditure for the company.

5. Submission to HMRC

We will submit the agreed report, revised tax calculations to HMRC.  Should further queries be raised we will discuss any points raised directly with you before responding to HMRC.

6. Benefit obtained from HMRC

HMRC aim to process claims within 4 – 6 weeks. You will receive a cheque from HMRC for any R&D expenditure that has been surrendered for a cash repayment or tax refunded as a result of the claim.

Upon receipt of the payment from HMRC we will ensure that the amount reconciles with what we expected.

7. Diarise Future Claim

We will liaise directly with you to establish a time convenient to commence discussions and preparation of future R&D tax relief claims.

At this point we will also be able to advise in relation to streamlining the R&D process for future claims. i.e. R&D nominal codes, record keeping, project summary templates.

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