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Aviation R&D Tax Relief and How to Fly your Finances Further


viation is known for the high complexity of its components, often subject to lengthy Research & Development programs which often qualify for aviation R&D tax relief. This industry brings together almost all innovative sectors to work towards and end goal:

The government recognises Aviation as a key industry in the UK and that technological developments cannot fall behind. Recently the Technology Strategy Board (TSB) have offered several financial incentives to enhance the UK’s Aviation development.

Aside from the financing from bodies such as TSB, many companies are undertaking qualifying R&D projects which may obtain financial assistance through claiming R&D tax relief. Significant numbers of companies filter into large Aviation companies such as BAE and Airbus.

Are you Eligible for R&D Tax Relief?

Many of these smaller companies miss the opportunity to claim aviation R&D tax relief.

This is usually under the misconception that they cannot claim because they are subcontractors or the innovation has essentially been purchased by the larger company in the chain of development.

These companies need to assess their activities in recent years and if they consider their activities to have been aimed at achieving a technical advancement, we would recommend you speak to one of our advisers who will efficiently look to understand the company’s situation within the chain of supply and determine if a claim may be made.

Talk to Our Manchester R&D Tax Relief Specialists

A successful claim results in an aviation R&D tax relief or cash benefit of c.25% saving on the development costs incurred by the company. When working with us your R&D relief application will be fast and straightforward. We urge you to contact us now and speak to our friendly team in Manchester to establish if your business activities qualify for the aviation R&D tax relief.