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R&D tax credits for architects

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Architecture is a key area which often spans the theoretical mathematical design of a building and the physical construction. Although many architectural projects will follow know patterns, with new materials becoming available, the desire to build the most visual yet operational building and government legislation the role of architects is spanning into that of engineering more and more.

It is these activities where architects are not designing to known variables but seeking to research and often benchmark new variables be it, materials, location, fundamental structural designs, and collaborations with civil engineering forms to overcome geographical obstacles, where a claim for R&D tax relief may lie.

Does your Architectural Business Qualify for R&D Tax Credits?

RIBA have previously published a guide urging Architects not to miss out on this valuable relief.

RIBA uses the following as examples of projects where R&D tax relief has successfully been claimed.

  • Development of a bespoke technological design process to enable building designs to have complex optimised structure forms and cladding.
  • Development of a solar shading system that helps reduce heat gain.
  • Development of in house software to assist computational design.
  • Development of software to link geometry and analysis tools.

Angela Brady RIBA- The R&D tax credit scheme – which can apply to both large and small architectural practices – is one way of rewarding and investing in architects’ skills and ingenuity

Professor Murray Fraser RIBA – Research and development is vital for the growth of and innovation in architecture in the UK. Ours is a knowledge-rich discipline which draws on a wide variety of processes and skills

Helping you Claim for R&D Tax Relief

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