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Software Development R&D Tax Credits, Ways to Boost your Code.


t is no surprise that the software and IT industry are fast evolving and continuously adapting. These adaptions are considered routine everyday activity by many software developers. However in many cases these adaptions fall into the categories qualifying for software development R&D tax credits. After initial discussions with clients we had success in identifying projects that qualify for relief. For example:

  • Application developments and integration to work in conjunction with and exiting in-house system.
  • Applications development which requires fundamental technical updates following software advances made by 3rd party software providers e.g. Facebook, Microsoft, SAP.
  • Development of an internal CRM system operating in a fundamentally unique way.
  • Development of a sophisticated web based system to integrate several companies and to provide 360o capabilities.
  • Communication systems for use in on-line transaction processing.
  • Data tracking solutions.
  • Development of systems and processes to assist in the capture of animation.
  • Development of animation systems for use by companies who use this software to design their own products.
  • Architectural investigations to enable improvements in systems.

Does your Business Qualify for R&D Tax Credits

Remember! Just because several companies may be separately developing software to overcome the same business challenges, this does not mean that you cannot qualify for software development R&D tax credits.

HMRC have additional guidelines regarding software and its potential to qualify for relief. We believe this complexity is the reason why many companies miss claiming their well deserved software development R&D tax credits. It also explains why so many accountants are shying away from clearly understanding their client’s software development practices.

Need Help Claiming for R&D Tax Credits?

We understand both Agile and Waterfall software development methodologies and their specifics for submitting an R&D claim. We urge you to contact us today in Manchester so we can help you review your projects and the areas that qualify for software development R&D tax credits and tax relief.