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Claiming for R&D Tax Credits for your Business

We are a Manchester based tax consultancy specialised in the formulation and completion of Research & Development (R&D) tax relief claims. Our company is headed up by Laura Duggan and Evgeni Vachkov and supported by several consultants with specialist background.

Using our in-depth industry knowledge combined with leading taxation expertise our team will help you reduce your overall tax burden through the use of R&D tax credits.  Our consultants also have tax or accounting qualifications, ensuring the commercial understanding of the benefit to your company is fully considered and communicated to you. It is these highly skilled consultants who will manage your claim and liaise with HMRC on your behalf.

Our own pioneered on-line claim process takes a minimum amount of your time and does not cost you anything until the claim is successfully processed by HMRC.

We offer a flexible arrangement whereby you:

  • Get us to work alongside your existing accountant. You benefit from our specialist R&D tax knowledge without disrupting existing relationships. Or;
  • We will act as a consultant to your firm firms offering R&D tax consultancy to your business when required.

About us

Our consultants have been dedicated to delivering R&D tax solutions in a range of industries in making R&D claims for over 6 years. Together we have assisted in the recovery of millions of pounds of overpaid corporation tax every year.

We pride ourselves in understanding the purpose of the legislation and our close working relationship with HMRC has enabled us to maximise claims, to date with 100% success.

Start Saving Money with R&D Tax Relief

Why not check how much you can save with our R&D tax calculator. Need help starting your claim, you can contact one of our Manchester based team either by email or phone 0161 298 1010 for further information.

Evgeni Vachkov
Business Operations Director
Evgeni Vachkov - Business Operations

Evgeni’s background is in the area of software development and implementation of large-scale global IT projects. For c.15 years he has consulted to global bluechip companies in this regard. He is well versed in large data, online portals, cloud solutions, mobile applications, as well as bespoke finance and insurance systems and the specifics of these industries. His insight often helps us find the R&D gems in your projects and unveil information required to build a solid R&D tax claim.


Laura Duggan
R&D Tax Director
Photo of Laura Duggan, R&D Tax Director

Laura is qualified ACCA and CTA and has been a team member in both regional and international tax planning teams, predominately working with Owner Managed Businesses on a range of tax legislative issues and in the last 9 years focusing heavily on R&D tax relief heading up the R&D/Creative Tax Industries teams within the accounting practise. She has handled several hundred successful claims and has achieved in excess of £30m of tax refunds as a result of her engagements. Additionally to this date she has not a single claim refused by HMRC.