Understanding R&D Tax Credits

Here at R&D Tax Solutions, we get a lot of questions about making R&D (Research & Development) Tax claims, often seen as a complex process, leaving many businesses unsure of where to start. So we’ve put together a list of R&D Tax Credit FAQs to help.

R&D Tax Relief & its Benefits

What is R&D tax relief?

Are R&D expenses tax deductible?

How to qualify for R&D tax credits?

Are R&D tax credits government aid?

How much can we get?

Factors Affecting Your Claim

How do R&D tax claims work with subcontractors?

Are R&D Tax relief rates different for SMEs and Larger businesses?

Can charities or sole traders claim for R&D tax relief?

Do grants affect my R&D claim application?

Eligibility for the Scheme

How far back can I claim for R&D tax relief?

What types of activities qualify for R&D tax credits?

Can I claim for R&D even if I’m loss making?

Project isn’t finished yet. Can I still claim?

Can I claim for failed projects?

Do overseas projects qualify?

The R&D Tax Claim Process

How are R&D tax credits paid?

What is the claims process?

What documentation do I need to prepare if submitting myself?

Do you have a minimum fee?

Do I need to sign a contract before you can advise me?

How quickly can you complete my claim?

R&D Tax Credits & HMRC

How long do I have to wait before being paid?

Will HMRC investigate my R&D tax claim?

Accountant or R&D Tax Specialist

Must an R&D claim submission be administered by a specialist or accountant, or can I submit myself?

Thinking about making an R&D Tax Claim?  Talk to us first.

Hopefully our R&D Tax FAQs have enhanced your understanding of the scheme and has made the claims process seem less daunting.  However, if you are serious about making a claim for R&D tax credits why not get in touch with us first.  Here at R&D Tax Solutions we have had a very high success rate so far, achieving positive results for all our clients.  If you have any further questions about the scheme then we are on hand to answer them.  Simply call us on 0161 298 1010 or email office@rndtax.co.uk

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