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What Industries We Cover

Research and development tax relief is a great means for businesses that embrace innovation to take advantage of government tax credits that reward such enterprise.  And it’s not the sole reserve of technology companies to take advantage. Across a broad array of industry sectors, R&D tax credits – or even a reduction in Corporation Tax – are waiting to be claimed, but few businesses are always aware of the benefits.

At R&D Tax Solutions, we have the necessary experience to help large and small UK businesses alike determine their eligibility for such credits, and can help support them in preparing the necessary documentation to send to HMRC in order to take advantage of these benefits.

Among those industries we can support include:

R&D Tax relief for Aviation
R&D Tax relief for engineering
R&D Tax relief for land remediation
R&D Tax relief for manufacturing
R&D Tax relief for software
R&D Tax relief for subcontractors
R&D Tax relief for loss companies
Marine R&D Tax Relief
What’s more, in certain circumstances even subcontractors are in a position to make claims for R&D tax relief. Plus, those qualifying companies that are not profitable have the opportunity to surrender the loss attributable to R&D tax credits for a payment direct from HMRC.

What we aim to achieve

At R&D Tax Solutions, we believe that it is essential to raise awareness of research and development tax credits and simplify the process to claim. That’s why our experienced team will work side-by-side with you to optimise the accuracy and efficacy of any claim that’s submitted to HMRC on your behalf.Understanding the intricacies of R&D tax claims is far from straightforward, which is why it’s essential you choose a team with experience in specialist tax relief. Our complete service will support you from checking eligibility right through to completion.

Why choose us for your R&D tax claims

Few businesses in the UK are aware that they may be eligible for R&D tax relief. In fact, it’s been suggested that up to 90% of those eligible to claim are currently unaware of the opportunity. At R&D Tax Solutions, we possess the knowledge to identify precisely where claims can be made with the highest chance of success.To find out more about how we can support your business in achieving the tax claims your business deserves, simply contact our Manchester team today. We’ll be delighted discuss how we can help you and take the first steps towards starting the process of completing your R&D tax claims.