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Eligible for R&D tax

Your Business Could Save Money with R&D Tax Credits

Land remediation companies often dismiss their allowance to claim R&D tax relief and tax credits. This is usually due to the perceived complexity when combining the land remediation with the tax R&D relief tax rules. But things are actually a lot simpler…

The R&D tax legislation allows land remediation companies to obtain tax relief by virtue of the company’s activities, regardless of the ownership of the land.

Obtaining R&D Tax Credits for Land Remediation Projects

To obtain R&D Tax Credits the company must merely be seeking to develop a remediation process, by utilising science and technological understandings.

Our experience shows that a company engaged in land remediation usually results in a claim being made on at least 70% of its activity as a whole. This applies even though the company is usually engaged to remediate the land.

Very few sites obtain the same variables and obstacles, overcoming these can lead to a R&D tax relief claim. A few R&D remedial options include:

  • Monitored Natural Recovery
  • In situ Capping
  • Sediment treatment
  • Soil remediation
  • Ex-situ chemical soil remediation
  • In-situ groundwater remediation
  • In-situ chemical oxidation for treatment of groundwater

How Could R&D Tax Relief Save you Money

Once it is identified that R&D is arising, then an expert R&D tax company seek further details to maximise the costs associated with the claim. Costs such as:

  • Staff, including NIC and pension contributions.
  • Subcontractors, providing specialist services to assist the R&D project.
  • Software licences, where software is used to assist the R&D design and testing.
  • Materials, this can be materials used in prototyping, testing, or those which are contaminated so only capable of use on the R&D project.   E.g. Testing and monitoring equipment, materials used for in situ remediation.

On average 26% of the qualifying costs can be claimed back as R&D tax relief from the HMRC.

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Average R&D tax claim is £56,000

Ask us to review your R&D tax relief claim on your behalf. With our unique fee strcuture you don't pay us a penny until your R&D claim succeeds and provides a benefit to your business!

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